"We believe digital currency is the future and we are here to make it happen."

Founded in 2017, J Capital is an investment firm primarily focused on ventures, tokens and project that focus on blockchain & digital currencies. Our missions is to catalyze the future and bring about widespread blockchain adoption to improve the lives of millions around the globe.

We manage $20M worth of assets and have invested in many of the leading blockchain projects. On top of providing capital to our portfolio companies, we actively take pride in helping them grow and support them in various advisory and marketing capacities.

The Team

Jack Ser


Jack Ser is an astute investor with a wealth of experience in the Real Estate, Hospitality, Education and Fintech sectors. Over the last decade, he provided advisory and strategy guidance to a multitude of high net worth clients and corporations worldwide in the Finance, Insurance, HR, Telecommunications and Mining industries. Jack’s expertise has also been nationally recognised by the Singapore Business Advisor & Consultant Council, where he won the 2015 Management Consultant of the Year award.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jack is the founder of FundYourselfNow, Asia’s leading cryptocurrency crowdfunding and information website. He has a diversified portfolio of investments in cryptocurrency, blockchain companies,  F&B, nightlife, education and automobile companies regionally and is always open for new investment opportunities.

Kenneth Tan

Chief Investment Officer

Kenneth co-founded FundYourselfNow, Southeast Asia leading cryptocurrency fundraising platform. He is a thought leader in the industry, having written many articles related to blockchain in Hackernoon, Zerohedge and the Mission, and also founded his own blockchain publication at cryptodigestnews.com. He is currently an Advisor to Viola.ai and Nera blockchain project.

Santejudean Bogdan

Quantitative Analyst

Bogdan is a serial entrepreneur who has over 7 years of experience. He provided advisory and strategy guidance to multiple European companies from the healthcare, IT and marketing industry including tens of innovative start-ups. Since 2013, he has been highly involved in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, analyzing all the possible technologies within this space and promoting them through local public conferences. He believes that if we want to change the world, we have to let our dreams be bigger than our fears and our actions louder than our words.

Harry Yu

Partner, Greater China

Harry is a managing partner of Jove Capital and is also a co-founder of SinkLab which is a creative management platform for digital advertising. He serves as a board director and an observer on several boards. He made strategic investments in many top tier ICOs such as FileCoin, Polkadot and Hedera Hashgraph.

Carlos Salas

Partner, Taiwan

Carlos has over 17 years experience in venture building and growing technology companies in the US and in Asia. Previously, a practicing lawyer in corporate finance and international law, Carlos is very familiar with the business, regulatory and offering aspects. Carlos has extensive hands-on managerial experience having held positions serving on the board of directors and as CEO and Chairman of a number of multinational companies, financial and technology ventures, a publicly listed company in Hong Kong, a venture capital fund and a venture studio incubating and accelerating a medium sized company every 6 months for the last 4 years. Currently serving on the board for Fundyourselfnow and as director and partner of Inbase Partners and Coinful Capital.


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